Invest in You! 

Do you desire to...

  • stay calm under pressure
  • manage stressful environments & situations
  • resolve conflict effectively
  • listen and understand others better
  • know yourself
  • give & receive feedback well

This month's package is designed to help you assess your internal world and equip you with skills and tools to grow in your character. 

The package includes: EQi assessment and 3 sessions of one on one coaching in  your desired area of growth for $179. 

"The EQi exposed my perfectionism and how it significantly impacted my career, family, and overall enjoyment of life. As a result of the assessment and growth plan I am on a journey that has improved my functionality at work and increased my enjoyment of family. "                                      -Colby K., Team Leader

"The EQi is an empowering tool that has helped give me language to navigate my personal and professional growth. I am better equipped to lead myself through challenging work and personal situations. It has been a magnifying glass to help me connect aspects of my character that are directly influencing my behavior."                                             -Dee H.,  National Training Director

"The EQi helped me understand my lack of emotional awareness. As a result of intentionally growing in this area I understand my own feelings more and I am able to communicate them. In the process I have become more aware of my kids' emotions and I am better able to help them communicate what is going on inside of their little hearts."                                                -Sarah K., Mom

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