What Clients are Saying…


Thanks for getting me back into the driver’s seat! Your approach made it possible for me to make the sound and confident decision needed for the next phase of my life.
— Davina I., Definite Directions Consultant
This has been one of the most significant years of my life...I can say with confidence that the me from a year ago wouldn’t recognize the me I am today.
— Hannah S., Real Life Dental
Meeting with Nichole has helped me immensely, and I have experienced an incredible amount of personal reflection and growth through her gentle, thought-provoking questions and suggestions as well as through the personalized emotional intelligence assessment and books. I am forever grateful for the impact Nichole has had on my marriage, my children, and all the relationships in my life.
— Sara, Nurse
Nichole’s talk with our MOPS group was SO inspiring, it got me busy! I’m realizing how the boundaries I’m setting in my time and energy are affecting myself and others. And I’m starting a small business.
— Anna C., Mom & Entrepreneur
Nichole recently came to speak for a large group of moms about motherhood and learning how to thrive, not just survive these years.

Between her energetic personality and stage presence, articulate and organized thoughts, pointed questions, and her authentic sharing of real-life mom struggles and joys, she captivated the hearts of the women in the room.

There were periods of raucous laughter and moments when most of the eyes in the room were wet. She came and met us where we were, gave us tools for change and shifts, and embedded within our hearts a sense of hope.

Our group has been a-buzz with discussion pertaining to her presentation and, for this, we are incredibly grateful. Thank you for your passion, Nichole, for helping people meet their passions emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually! You certainly are a gifted and thoughtful soul.
— Kathe B., MOPS Coordinator
Nichole is not just a great leader, but a great person. Her engaging, passionate, and thoughtful personality provides a relational bridge to her competency in leadership and development of people.

I had the personal privilege of working with Nichole closely in numerous settings over eight years. I think you will greatly benefit from time you spend with her, I know I have.
— Kevin S., Director
Nichole has the ability to ask great questions which helps me discover the deeper issues below the surface resulting in deeper growth!
— Lisa R., Executive Coach
Nichole is a warm, spunky, and easy person to be around. She brings energy and passion to whatever she does. As a great communicator, she relates well with her audiences and draws them in with her wisdom and enthusiasm and zest for life.
— Dave T., Athletic Training Camps Director
Nichole helped to facilitate our teams’ growth and development during an 8-week project. She has a unique ability to draw people out with her question asking skills, while helping them feel safe and encouraged.

Oftentimes she would help me to identify an underlying cause to an issue I was facing by simply reflecting back to me what she was hearing me say. I walk away from the time I spend with Nichole feeling heard, understood, and cared for.
— Sarah K., Project Director